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Vantay is a divine collaboration of two women whose interest in sewing and fashion blossomed from watching their mothers artistically transform pieces of fabric into stylish unique outfits or beautiful drapery, pillows, linens and the like.  Following in her mother's footsteps, Van sewed her first dress at 10 and boldly stepped into modeling at 15.  Similarly, Tay followed one of her older sisters into modeling at 4.  She proudly sewed her first piece - purple shorts at 8.

As they grew into young women, their love for fashion remained strong. Van focused on designing and making clothes while Tay focused on modeling. They both inherited an innate sense for quality and attention to detail.  When their paths crossed at a fashion show in Brooklyn, NY, their bond was immediate and 30 plus years later their friendship and passion for fabric and fashion have led to this birth.
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